Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Day 3

Off to a slow start this morning after getting back latish after a busy day yesterday. Never mind we still managed violin practice, which was quite pleasant and productive.

Then I did Special Time with Elizabeth which involved playing under her duvet on the floor - it was being a tent.
Francesca was happy to sew and Sebastian was busy with his car.

Then, our proper school day started at 10. We started making our tree book.
We stuck our pressed leaves into the book and wrote the name of the tree as the title of each page. We cut the bark rubbings down to a manageable size and stuck them alongside. Francesca made a title page and a contents page. It's not finished but at least Francesca knows what she's doing with it and we can carry on with it another day.

For Francesca's Special Time she decided to paint more of her Russian doll. The little ones played in the yard. One in the playhouse and one with his little pink pushchair.
Then lunch.
To be honest, we're all tired and having a tough day. I'm grumpy and the children are being silly. I did stay up too late last night working on an article, so I know that didn't help.
The house is a mess and everything's feeling a bit disorganised. There's so much to do and not enough time.
This would be the case today regardless of whether I called it 'school' - I'd still be occupying the children all day. However, the decision to home educate would commit me to all day every day. I need a better routine.
Plans to do thank you letters and a request to do maths this afternoon.


  1. Don't lose heart - it's early days.

  2. I wasn't so much losing heart as trying to give an honest reflection of the day. It's quite easy to look back, once they're all angelically asleep, and think I've had a lovely day when, in reality it might have been a battle at times.

    Also, I'm noting to myself that (duh!) I function better when I've had a tad more sleep and we all benefit from my being more patient and less zombie.

    I worked hard to submit an article about yeast and bread rising to ezine last night (I'll let you know when it's up) and that'll generate traffic for my bread site, so it's important and exciting. Alas, I stayed up too late. Better effort tonight!