Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Centre for Life

Everyone woke up late and grumpy this morning. We have had three bad nights with Sebastian being up at all hours, coughing and sweating and being generally miserable. This morning we were also greeted by Francesca coughing and 'feeling ill' - "I think you need to check my temperature"(!)

So it was a bit of a feat to get a sketchy sort of violin practice done, and then get everyone out of the house and headed for the Centre For Life - the Science museum.

We arrived and had a nice time - Francesca was fine once she got going and Sebastian even enjoyed some aspects of the visit. Elizabeth had the best time, probably, being perfectly well and having had the most sleep.

Anyway, you can go and look at the Life Centre website if you want to see what we did (mostly everything, including a great show about a Rube Goldberg machine) but I am Too Tired to write about it.

Suffice to say that the trip counts as a learning experience, plus a social one, since we met up with a couple of other HE families.

Here are the girls in an igloo that they built:

Now, can I go to bed?!

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  1. The igloo looks great!

    Hope Sebastian is a little bit better. Sounds as if he might be.

    Night night