Thursday, 23 August 2012

That was Wednesday

It didn't seem very schooly today. That's because I've decided, in my own mind, not to return Francesca to school in September. I need, now, to shape some sort of curriculum for us to follow in September and I feel I can relax about what we actually cover in the holidays.

Anyway, we did violin then special time.

Elizabeth wanted to do dominoes in her special time. We first used the picture side:

Then did it again with the spotty side:

After that, Francesca wanted to do a jigsaw for her special time and Elizabeth also wanted to do a jigsaw so I sat in the middle and helped them both.

Sebastian got the lego out.

Then an exciting parcel arrived from Grandma and Grandad - thank you!!

We spent some time playing with the new shapes and organising the letters and numbers. The girls were very excited about their new whiteboards but I didn't feel up to letting them loose with whiteboard pens. I think I'll plan some mental maths and use the whiteboards in a structured way, otherwise we're going to probably have lots of messy colouring in and pen everywhere.

And that was that. Actually, we sung rounds in the bath and did some more embroidering at bedtime, so there were more 'learning' activities. Just no official Maths or English.

We also went to play with some friends, at their house, which was no doubt good for various extra-curricular reasons.

I told my friend I wasn't planning to send Francesca back to school in September and I don't think she knew what to say. People find it hard to imagine why I would want to keep my children at home for longer than the already 'too long' holidays. Obviously, I don't feel that way. My life is pleasanter when Francesca is at home with us and we can make full use of our days without having the pesky school run, the associated tiredness and the fighting for dominance every time she is reintroduced to the 'pack' - to name but a few advantages for HE as I see it.

No doubt more on that later but it's Thursday as I type this and they are all off on a bird walk with Grandpa.  I have much to be getting on with.

Francesca found a dead fly this morning so she brought it to me and suggested we use it to do school - so we'll be studying fly anatomy later. She also said that when she's goes to university(!) she's definitely going to take the dead fly with her.

Nuff said.

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  1. Love the last bit!

    Structured maths and structured word building is exactly how I envisioned the whiteboard's usage.

    As in this video: