Friday, 10 August 2012

Comments on Week Two

The fact that it's Friday morning and I'm typing this at the local soft play place probably gives an idea of how the week ended.

We started off with lots of academic activities and a tight schedule. We've caved in to peer pressure and abandoned time table in favour of socialising this morning. I think we might get to finish our science investigation later but perhaps not.

I think the summer holidays are skewing my results. Venues are so busy they are not conducive to work. Friends keep wanting to play and I definitely do want to preserve Francesca's social life so I'm sometimes ditching school because friends are round.

I'm enjoying the freedom from the school run. I also find Francesca less tired and easier to be with. It's more harmonious at home.

I'm enjoying our schooling days and feel confident that I could manage the curriculum, even with the little ones. Elizabeth is evidently ready to join in with school too.

My bread site has been neglected and I don't know if that would change - if I might soon get organised enough to have more time for my own work in the evenings. I've been slow to work out what I'm doing, for home school, and keep changing my mind, which requires more time from my evening. Plus things like setting up logins on the computer has been time consuming this week.

If I could schedule my own work better, the benefits of the lovely times with the children would be great.

I wonder what Francesca would choose?

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