Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ok. About today (and all the higgledy Day 2 pics)

Well, I tried a different way of posting to this blog - by email from my phone, throughout the day. It was more efficient but we've still ended up with photos and comments in the wrong order, and, as one of The Enthusiastic Supporters commented, all in different posts.

I'm not editing it now, but I'll have to try a different way tomorrow.

The so-called field trip was a success though. The rain held off and we made loads of bark rubbings, which Elizabeth said was her "best bit" of the day. The children also did lots of physical activity, which has got to be a good thing.

I've noticed throughout the school year that Francesca has had less energy for physical things. Last year she did Tumble Tots and ballet. In the first two terms she did Irish dancing after school once a week, but by the summer term she was SO tired, after school activities consisted of crying and watching tv.

One benefit of home schooling might be the increased opportunity to get out and about and be more active.

I'm pleased with her academic progress in Reception class but perhaps that's slightly at the expense of her energy levels.

Arrived home to an answer message from someone inviting us to go on a day out to Holy Island tomorrow.  I so totally can't face another full day out and about. I've had to decline.

We're going to have a quiet one, putting our pressed leaves and bark rubbings into our special tree project book. Maybe we'll do some more thank you cards and maths games.

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