Thursday, 2 August 2012

How the afternoon progressed

Francesca had to do another thank you card. It's taking ages but we're getting there, little by little. I didn't bother to take another picture of her doing that. Sebastian was napping and Elizabeth took her jigsaws out in to the sunshine. It was lovely and warm.

Because Francesca was loving having Abuelita to herself, she didn't want to come outside but decided, instead to do colouring in.

When Sebastian woke up, he wanted to be outside. He made me a cup of tea or two.

Later, Francesca started to do jigsaws. She did the hardest Peppa Pig one and persisted until it was finished, which was quite an unusual feat of concentration.

Friends came to play at 3 ish, which made a nice change.

I don't feel as though we did much today but I suppose the morning walk with Grandpa was valuable. I think this is where planning and a clear structure/timetable would help me to feel better about what we've done. Today was too ad hoc for my liking although I still think that it's good to be relaxed and accept that we'll get more done on some days than others.

I suppose it's not about individual days but about being able to look back on the whole month or year and see/prove that we have made progress.


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