Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Another day off

There's no disguising this one: a day of complete and utter, unadulterated play. We went to the beach at Alnmouth, with friends who were renting a cottage there, and it was great.

I had not wanted to go out today, being exhausted from yesterday, but my friend suggested that today might give us the best of the week's weather and tomorrow might be rainy... We had to go. Both Francesca and I had headaches so we even took paracetamol. But I am glad we made the effort.

We mustered up a picnic, packed clothes and changes of clothes for every eventuality and, finally, left.

Francesca said she felt sick in the car and we pulled over once to give her some air. She wasn't sick though, and we got to Alnmouth without troubles.

We had lunch at the holiday home and then walked to the beach for a glorious afternoon, filled with shouts of excitement and delight from the girls. They loved running into the waves and they loved wading out in the calmer water of the inlet where we made our 'camp'.

Sebastian waded in and out of the water, had a go at digging with a spade, walked studiously up and down the beach and seemed to love the experience too - quite a novelty for him,

We saw some jellyfish washed ashore, which Francesca was very interested in.

Home to the holiday house for a bath - all the children in together - and some fish fingers and chips for tea. That meant I could return home and pop them straight into bed, which worked quite nicely.

So that's it. Perhaps we'll do 'school' tomorrow?!

PS Pictures are on Flickr today.

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