Friday, 24 August 2012

The week - and the trial? - ends

I didn't write an update last night because I was utterly exhausted - to the point where I even cried off going out for birthday drinks with a friend. I suppose all the coughing, clingy children and associated sleepless nights finally caught up on me. I wasn't feeling at my most resilient. And I didn't have any great pictures to show for the day.

Grandpa had taken the children on a bird walk all morning, then their auntie and cousins spent the afternoon with us, so there was no school, as such, although Elizabeth did get out her handwriting practice and Francesca did a lot of careful colouring.

We also managed to fit in some music. You should hear Sebastian playing and singing alongside me. Actually, it's probably better just to see a (silent) photo.

As I said earlier in the week, I'm sort of ditching the trial because I have decided to go ahead with real home schooling in September. I will be writing to the authorities in due course. Thus, we need to actually have some holiday while I regroup and prepare for the term ahead.

Which made me panic a bit. Being so tired, I felt quite overwhelmed (it's ok, I feel better about it today). It didn't help that I have started telling people and I'm finding that hard. I'm a bit wary of peoples' reactions.

One of my friends said, "Isn't there maybe another school you could send her to?" and another acquaintance told my sister in law that she "Doesn't approve of home schooling." Children should go to school, apparently, because it's good for society. So, I suppose I'm facing potential opposition, and a fair bit of incredulity, when I tell people that, no, I'm not desperate to get rid of my children to school and yes, I am intending to keep them at home. Most people just don't get it.

But I'm not most people (right, Dad?!) and I definitely want to do this my way. So here goes...

Today we managed to look at lots of information about the house fly and do some drawings with labelled parts. This involved the use of a magnifying glass and some careful observation.

Francesca did a lovely delicate drawing.

Elizabeth drew me and daddy, but that's ok. She had fun. And she asked me to do the dots for "mummy" and "daddy" so she could write over the words.

Francesca's best friend made a surprise appearance this afternoon, so the girls had a great play round at her house. Her mum and I agreed to make a more concrete arrangement for them to play together after school, so that the weeks don't fill up without them seeing each other, once Francesca is home educated. It's really important that we maintain her social life.

So that's where we are. It's Friday and I'm still pretty tired but I can go to bed now and leave the childcare to Mr P tomorrow morning, for a few hours' break tidying the house before our overnight guest arrives.


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