Friday, 3 August 2012

Homeschool Out On Location

The location today was Morpeth.

It was violin practice first, during which Francesca and I did Twinkle Twinkle as a duet, which we both enjoy.

Then we headed off in the car. Our mission (a secret one) was in Morpeth and the sun was shining so we planned to go to the park for a play, a picnic and a paddle.

We were rained off.

By the time we'd found a parking space (it was SO busy) and bought our picnic, it was drizzling and we sheltered in the arcade to eat.

After that, I decided to go straight for the (secret) mission and then home.

Luckily, the sun came out again so we lingered longer. We waited on the clock tower island to hear the clock striking and see how loud it was (not very) then we had a play in White Stuff (a clothes shop) where there is a tent full of toys. I bought two dresses so their toy-ploy evidently worked(!)

THEN we took our activity books to a cafe and did Literacy.

Here's Francesca filling in the first page 'About Me'.

I go to South Gosbuth First...

Elizabeth was tracing over letter shapes with her wipe-off pen.

And Sebastian was...

Here's our workspace, complete with coffee and babyccinos.

Guess who woke up and wanted to do his own work?

Look at my happy scribbling!

Elizabeth was delighted with all the golden stickers she earned from doing her work book.

This was meant to be another picture of the stickers, in a better light.

We headed home for yet another thank-you letter and some TV time before tea.

It was not a very productive day, actually, and I think probably a bit of a cheat in terms of 'schooling' (although bound to be full of excellent and valuable experiences!)

I'll have to knuckle down and create some structured planning for next week, I think. Doh! I just feel we need more momentum to propel us through the day. It's all very slow at the moment. Although I have no reason to think that my having planned a tighter schedule will have any impact on the speed of Francesca...

PS I went to The Sewing Box and got the rope required for the huge bubble wand. They didn't have a large enough bead (with an opening a bit wider than 3/8") though so that's still to be sourced. Anyone??

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