Thursday, 7 March 2013

Timeline Project and Other Stuff

Yesterday was much better - at least in the morning. Francesca was equipped with a list of Things To Do and keenly got on with them. I guess we will have down days when motivation is lacking and energy is low but at least it only lasted one day in this case.

Today has been ok. Only 'ok' because a lot of faffing has accompanied the various tasks, meaning that we never did get onto Science (yet again - I've been hoping to finish the little seeds project all week! Partly, that is due to Elizabeth having been to Playgroup and us waiting for her to be there to do it with us, so not by any means entirely down to lack of motivation.)

Anyway, Francesca is powering through her Heinemann book with a reward in sight if she finishes it on Tuesday or before. She's totally got the hang of subtracting via 10 (bridging) which is brilliant.

I'm also pleased to report the completion of the timeline - at least the first stage, anyway. We have yet to add to it, expand upon it and develop the idea of events in the past/history but I'm very pleased with the display of Francesca's life-time. She's worked hard to write all the labels for the photos. I haven't taken a picture of the finished thing yet - not that you could see much from a distance - but here's Francesca working to get it done:

Sebastian and I did some of his Maths app today. He doesn't operate on the same wavelength as an older child (of course). He likes the "duh" noise when he gets answers wrong and he likes pressing all the pictures - the app is designed for people trying to get the right answer but Sebastian isn't driven by that concept at all. I'm not surprised by this, just interested in how differently he interacts with the app compared to Elizabeth.

He did some painting - that was yesterday, for what it's worth - making butterfly shapes by folding over the paper. This is just the beginning but he was prolific.

And I'll leave you with Francesca and a beautiful birthday card she made for a friend.

I particularly like how poshly she has spelled 'barthday'.

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  1. Beautiful card Francesca! Well done with the timeline.