Tuesday, 26 March 2013

An Eastery Sort of Tuesday

Yesterday, Francesca had made some playing cards, with which to play 'memory' - or they could be used for snap. The game caused tears (Elizabeth's) when Francesca shamelessly stole a landslide victory by being able to see through the 'cards' (bits of cheap paper) with the added bonus of knowing what she had drawn on the back. It was all very disappointing (for some). So today Francesca spent considerable time sticking her so-called cards onto actual card, to make into a fairer game.

Later, there was some playdough. Don't really eat it Sebastian...

I took the chance to make some hot cross buns.

After lunch we took Sebastian for a little ride in the pushchair, in order to detach him from my leg and stop him wailing. He fell asleep.

We came home to do some more of our Easter crafts. These are little round boxes to decorate as a rabbit and a lamb.

And these are decorations to scrape with a little wooden tool, revealing colours underneath.

Here are the tissue-covered decorations we made yesterday.

Yet more art was required so we did some ordinary painting. Francesca then decided to decorate the mask she had been given months ago. She's making it into a tiger mask. We Googled 'tiger face paints' to get an idea of how to transform a human-shaped face into a tiger.

Here's our Easter-art wall today. The big yellow and grey egg (surely you can tell it's an egg?!) is one Elizabeth made at playgroup. The card (next along from the tissue paper hangings) was from Francesca to me, which she had worked on for ages this morning. If I want, she says, I could make one back to her. I can take a hint.

Francesca went to her first ever Taikwondo session with daddy. She loved it! A new pursuit?!


  1. I love the little round boxes! They look really good!

  2. I echo that sentiment! Your display looks very impressive.

  3. I must say that the memory game seems to have been a lot of work Francesca. Love the pictures you have drawn.