Friday, 29 March 2013

Chocolate Easter Nests

We had fun this afternoon making little chocolate nests from Shredded Wheats and melted Dairy Milk.

We gave the girls three Shredded Wheats each to break into pieces, meanwhile melting an entire 300g bar of Dairy Milk over a pan of hot water.

Sebastian got the job of stirring the chocolate to make sure there were no lumps. He looked much more enthusiastic about it in real life.

The girls were very busy with their Shredded Wheat crushing.

They needed some help stirring the chocolate in but then spooned the mixture into cake cases and added Mini Eggs by themselves.

6 Shredded Wheats with 300g Dairy Milk made 20 nests.

Ta da!

I love the fact that Elizabeth is in the background there, licking the chocolatey spatula - best bit!


  1. Excellent! The hen must have been in a rush when it laid those last to eggs on Francesca's tray though ;-)