Monday, 25 March 2013

Happy Monday

I've slacked off. It's Easter week. Time to relax a bit and start the Easter crafts. Plus Monday is TV day.

So we did some stuff in the morning - the violin was played, a builder came and constructed something in the living room:

Then we started our Easter crafts. Three little shapes: a bunny, an egg and a chick, with some tissue paper to scrunch and stick on, plus some googly eyes. It was great! They all loved it and I got to help too. Alas, the 'finished articles' picture is sadly lacking but they've gone up on the wall and they are colourful and fun.

And that was about it. We did go for a brief chilly walk after lunch, during which Sebastian fell asleep, then I sat the girls in front of the tv and got on with some of my own work. I feel like it's holiday time :)

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  1. Great cooperation again - and looking like fun. Everyone seems very interested!