Monday, 11 March 2013

School Nurse Service

An interesting development today stems from a letter I got last week. It was from the School Nurse team. Something along the lines of, "Since you're home educating, we want to make contact, incase you have any worries or need any support or advice about your child's health..." etc. So I phoned them.

Not that I have any worries I want to discuss, just that I wondered if we could work together.

I spoke to the lady who had sent the letter and we had a great chat. She and her team are keen to offer the same sort of service that is given to school pupils, to home ed children. In other words, she'd be prepared to come and do the health/growing up talks at appropriate intervals, bringing the resources that they have to teach about health/puberty etc.

Not only would it be refreshing for my children to hear their information from someone else, and, no doubt, fun to access someone else's resources but, I'm thinking, some information is easier to take from someone who isn't your mum. Francesca got all hygenic after the school nurse visited the reception class to talk about hand washing...

So, we're in the process of lining something up for what I hope will become a long-term partnership to enhance our home ed curriculum. Watch this space.