Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Easter Pottery

Something's changed. Maybe it's just because I've let up with the whole Thou Shalt Practise Daily The Violin thing or maybe it's something else. Whatever it is, I like it. Francesca is a different little girl. Happy, relaxed, cooperative... Ok, ok, I know these phases last for a few days and then we move onto something else, for better or for worse, but at the moment, I like the way things are.

I like the work ethic. I like the To Do list and the determination to tick everything off before the end of the day.

Sure, much of it is 'cullring' and 'droring' but what's so wrong with that, at five?

Today we didn't have long - there was the playgroup pick up to do, coupled with a trip to get nappies, which obviously added on a bit more time Out of Office, as it were.

This afternoon was a done deal, anyway, with Art by Abuelita scheduled for Francesca (I don't know HOW they did such beautiful painting when they also had Sebastian to look after at the same time!)

...and there was an immunisation appointment for Elizabeth (she was so brave!). I took Elizabeth to a cafe afterwards, for a treat and we had a lovely afternoon together.

Anyway, not much time left for lengthy To Do lists.

Francesca spent a good part of the morning re-visiting some of the videos of tarantulas and adding a bit to her presentation.

After that, she did some violin!! I kept well away as threatened/promised so I'm not entirely sure what she did or if it was in tune but the main thing is, she did it, willingly and, at no point did I become tempted to wrap the b***** thing round her neck. All was peaceful.

The other noteworthy pursuit of today was decorating the air-drying clay 'pots' that we made at the weekend. I got out my lovely pearly shiny acrylics again. I say 'pots' but some of them have a decidedly Easter basket feel to them.

Elizabeth chose blue:

And Francesca's is predictably pink:

I had them paint the clay one colour first. Once that's dry, we might have another session to add some detail. The owner of the third pot is a friend who came to play. She is planning to paint Easter eggs on hers. Francesca is thinking of something floral...

I realise, belatedly, that they don't look as photogenic as I'd thought. You should see the shine in real life! But it gives you the idea of work in progress.


  1. The pots look really delicate for clay (as I remember it) so well done!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the next stage of the pots.

    Are you going to be asked to give a home to a tarantula?

    Trust no after effects from the immunisation......