Monday, 14 January 2013

Snowy Day

It's been hard to get any work done today because of this:

Snow is so enticing!! We went out as soon as it started snowing because the girls wanted to taste it on their tongues and collect some.

We brought some icy pieces indoors and looked at them under the microscope.

Francesca did her violin practice and Elizabeth, Sebastian and I played The Gruffalo's Child game, then Uno.

Sebastian built a fabulous track for his trains. He did the length nearest to the chair and Francesca and I helped to complete the circuit.

Elizabeth and Sebastian had a little game of making cosy beds on the sofa.

Francesca was quite keen to do some Heinemann maths. She motivated herself by ensuring that I would let her go back out in the snow as soon as she'd finished the page. She did work hard.

Then we went back out in it.

It's a bit slushy and melting, so not that great for snowmen, but at least it satisfied their excitement. They've all gone next door for the afternoon (I do have the absolute best next door neighbour!) so this is my time off. I think the children were only too happy to get indoors and warm up.


  1. It sounds a most satisfactory day! Snow flake and ice crystal investigations next....?

    Love the pictures - as ever.

  2. We have had a very similar day - snow, trains and rolling around on cushions!