Friday, 4 January 2013

How To Play The Paper Race Game

It was kind of hard to photograph this one, so bear with me while I try to explain.

The Paper Race requires a long space (we used our hallway). I marked the start and finish lines with electrical tape (we were taking this very seriously, of course!)

We raced one at a time, due to the width of the hallway and timed each other using the stopwatch on my phone. This in itself was a learning experience for some(!)

To race, you start with your toes behind the line and a piece of paper in each hand. On "Go!" you put one piece of paper on the floor and step onto it, placing the next piece in front of you and then stepping onto that. You then move the first piece of paper to in front of you and move forwards without touching the carpet (I didn't think it fair to really enforce that rule too heavily.)

We snuck in some maths by recording our results in a table, having three goes each and calculating the average (mean) time for each person. You don't have to take it all that seriously, of course.

Here's Elizabeth doing a photo-shoot run:

And over the finish line...

...which we strategically placed in front of a doorway so that the person with the stopwatch could have a clear view of the exact moment when the line was crossed.

Sebastian even wanted to have a go.

Sort of...

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  1. Glad you've done a blog post! I was trying to see how this worked from the photos. Its like a simplified and indoor version of a 'Raven' challenge.