Thursday, 31 January 2013

More Tangrams and An Elizabeth's Eye View

Goodness only knows what we did today.

The morning felt quite productive, in an "I'm not really here but you get on with it" kind of way. Sebastian was whingy and clingy all morning. I know he needed to sleep but he protested loudly whenever I went near the cot. Which wasn't very often, in between requests for this, that and the other from all sides.

We had friends round, which was great, and kind of took the pressure off, a bit.

My kind friend (the one who usually takes Elizabeth to playgroup) spent a good deal of time playing the violin with Francesca, which was excellent. Francesca had been really looking forward to my friend bringing her violin and I hope it's inspired Francesca and spurred her on.

Meanwhile, my kind friend's children played downstairs with my other two. More Gears! more marble run, some Shut The Box, and more tangrams, among other things.

Later, school-type activities included Francesca doing some times-tables practise on the Mental Maths app. Then we played Frustration, with the added rule that you had to roll the die twice and add the scores together. Spencer Bear had to play as well. I'm not entirely sure why the game is called Frustration. Possibly because you have to roll the exact number to get your pieces home. Or possibly because the design team tried it out with two under-6s and a stuffed bear. Anyway, it was pretty Frustrating. At least Sebastian was asleep at that point.

We made some flapjacks and some granola.

After that, we did some colouring in and stickers together. And between times, Francesca kept sloping off to listen to story tapes.

I'll leave you with a gallery of photos that Elizabeth took. An Elizabeth's eye view of our day:

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