Friday, 25 January 2013

Out In It

Never mind experimenting with ice, today we donned our new hiking boots and went out in it. No mean feat with a pushchair and a very rattly ride for Sebastian.

Anyway, if that wasn't enough to count as PE, we went to the local soft play place and capered about for an hour. I say 'we': we all went but I did not caper about for an hour. Not even for a minute, actually. As I watched Sebastian launch himself joyfully down the big slide, I realised that my days of crawling round soft play frames are probably over at last. I enjoyed a good chat with the other mums, for once.

Then we went to the supermarket for a few supplies, since we'd gone that far. The girls had a pull-along basket each, which we duly filled. At the self-service checkout, I wrestled Sebastian back into his hat, scarf and mittens while the girls checked out all the shopping. All I had to do was wield the credit card.

This afternoon a friend came to play, then it was time for the violin lesson.

Another battle with the pram on ice, this time with added hail.

Honestly, I was wondering if it was all worth it. I've had such a struggle to get Francesca to practise this week. I fight with her every day over getting the thing out, then I fight with the weather to get them all along to the lesson, then I fight with the postage-stamp sized front porch at the teacher's house, to get three children, a violin, music and a pram in through the front door and up the stairs... then I pay for the privilege. Why? There might be a bright pink violin on eBay soon.

So, no photos as such but I did promise (a few days ago) to photograph Francesca's finished mosaic mirror. And I've taken a picture of my beautiful birthday present that the girls have been making when they were round next door. I think it was Francesca really, but Elizabeth's creation is still in the making, so when it came to my birthday, they gave this cup and saucer from both of them.

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  1. The mirror looks great! And the cup and saucer look really good too - the flowers have been done so neatly!