Thursday, 3 January 2013

How To Make Lavender Bath Fizz

Well, I haven't updated for ages.

It was all to do with Christmas. The lead up to Christmas, Christmas itself and the aftermath of Christmas. We sort of slacked off for a while and had a holiday - which really just meant a lack of routine in which behaviour deteriorated and I got cross a lot. We did some useful things in that time but it was all really ad hoc and I definitely missed the structure.

So, I sat down with myself and planned out a new Daily Plan - a sort of Way It Will Be (on a good day) including a routine for fitting in meals, breaks, 'lessons' and free time.

Armed with that outline to work to, we started easing ourselves out of holiday mode with increasingly mummy-directed days.

We did such a lot today, I'm feeling really virtuous(!)

After breakfast we all sat down to write some thank you cards. We're doing three a day, which is quite enough for anyone, I find.

Then Francesca wanted to colour in one of the Father Christmas drawings we made last week following instructions from here.

Next, Francesca did some violin practice before lunch, at which point she went as white as a "sheep" (Elizabeth said!) and refused any food. We cancelled the planned swimming excursion and decided to do some quiet activities at home instead. Which turned out to be making Bath Fizz.

Lavender Bath Fizz is made by combining:
3/4 cup bicarbonate of soda
2 tablespoons cornflour
1/2 cup cream of tartar
A few drops of different food colourings
A few drops of lavender oil

Stir them well...

...and you get a mixture that looks like this:

Pour the mixture into a tub with a lid, to store it. A glass jar would be nice, but not very practical, I thought, so we used some recycled food containers that used to have something like glacĂ© cherries in them.

Then we drew some labels for our tubs. I showed the girls how to draw a sprig of lavender. Can you tell?

Francesca also drew a bath on hers:

They had great fun sprinkling spoonfuls of their Bath Fizz into the bath and seeing it bubble and, well, fizz. It smelled nice too.

After the Bath Fizz, they all did painting using pictures from Elizabeth's painting set, which has the paints at the top of each page. It's fairly difficult to get a good result but Francesca achieved a good finish, and I was impressed with her staying-power. The other two enjoyed themselves a lot too.

After that we played the Paper Race game. I'll have to blog about that another time, I'm too tired. It was fun though, and involved measuring time, recording results and calculating an average (although it didn't have to include all that maths, you could do it just for fun).

Then I decided that Sebastian was finally old enough for playing with rice. It's just dry rice, in the baby bath, on a big towel to catch the spillages.

They all loved it. I sorted some of the piles of washing in the same room.

I managed to enforce tidy up time and we sorted out the lounge and their bedroom before it was time for the bath.

Yay! We're back into the swing of it again and I'm remembering why I love this home ed lark :)

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  1. Well done! Lovely to see you back on the blog.

    The bath fizz was something from the distant past which I remember being popular.

    It is great to see the three working side by side.