Friday, 19 October 2012

Smart Art

This week has felt great! We've been properly back into 'school' and I think we've done a lot.

Today's agenda was:


Then Abuelita came round and we did some impromptu Art. More Art followed after lunch, too, which was great.

Francesca also had a violin lesson and both girls got chance to watch TV before going to a friend's house for tea.

Francesca's 'Minute Maths' was worse than yesterday! She only got 4 questions done. I guess that's why we're practising...

She did a couple of pages in her workbook about 'Making 10' which was quite easy for her, although not as easy as I would have thought. Perhaps we need to revise/reinforce things (like number-bonds to 10) more.

For English, Francesca wrote her Plans For This Afternoon, which were:

"I will wath TV because it is a Friday. I will doow my tiyping practis. I will doow sum art."

Then she added some more homophones to her list.

She did doow sum typing practis, actually, as well as the Art, so that list was all ticked off.

Abuelita brought round a book which showed how to draw all sorts of things using squared paper to get the proportions right. They all enjoyed getting straight on with some pictures.

Later, when Francesca showed Abuelita the typing tutorial, Elizabeth did a big jigsaw in the lounge.

Then, because Sebastian was asleep and the coast was clear(!), the girls decided to do some painting. Francesca delicately mixed pink to over-paint some rose wallpaper. She even mixed dark green and used her brush to create the texture of the leaves.

Elizabeth blended orange and pink too, and made some splodges, very carefully.

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