Thursday, 18 October 2012

French with Ben Le Chien

We've had a lot of fun learning some basic French vocabulary this week with Ben le Chien.

Ben is a puppet dog who speaks French. I had originally called him Claude, but the girls insisted that he was 'really called Ben', so it stuck.

Anyway, Ben greets everyone with 'bises' and "Bonjour" or "Salut" and asks how everyone is. He asks their names and ages, then we move onto other things.

Yesterday, we learned the names for some of our rooms.

I labelled each room with a bright piece of card:

Ben le Chien led everyone round the house, showing them the labels and telling them the names of the rooms in French.

Then we went back to the table and matched up pictures of the rooms with the correct labels:

Et, apres ca....

We did une chasse tresor, with les indices in French.

This culminated in the finding of some chocolate and the end of French. Elizabeth asked to do French again today, and we went through the clues again, in a different order, with a new prize. It was a very popular way to learn and Ben le Chien is a big hit too.

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  1. Is chocolate the key? It helps in a lot of situations....