Friday, 5 October 2012

Maths - Y1 - Adding and Subtracting 10

Maths. We finished the "adding and subtracting 10" objective. More on that in a moment.

In other news, we had a more productive morning - violin practice, maths and English all completed (just about - I hadn't heard her read but we fitted that in later) before lunch. Progress!

The maths was really just the final touches to enable Francesca to add and subtract 10 in her head. She can, now 'see' that she just needs to add or subtract 1 from the 10s column, but she struggles if she has to work round the 100 mark - say adding 10 to ninety-something, or subtracting 10 from one hundred and eight.

So, we made this: 

It's a number line from 89 to 111, and an accompanying piece of card that is 10 units long. Thus, you can check your answers easily, or find out what the answer is, easily, and work out how to get to the answer. It worked well although Francesca isn't comfortable with that stretch of numbers at all. That's something to come back to in the future.

At least I know she can now add and take-away 10 easily and quickly with the sorts of numbers she'll usually be dealing with (less than 100). I've had enough of that topic now, so we'll move on to something else next week.

Lovey the rabbit helped with the maths today :)

For English, we thought up some more homophones, then Francesca read Mr Snow, which was quite tricky and took about 15 minutes! She coped admirably but the wording is quite verbose and complicated.

Both girls enjoyed some computer time. Francesca continued with her typing tutorial and Elizabeth played a maths game on her auntie's iPad.

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  1. Great - nice simple number line!

    Very helpful rabbit!