Thursday, 18 October 2012

Frog Race Maths Addition Game

Francesca's been saying that she doesn't like Maths, which is a shame because she used to love Maths and I happen to think she's good at it. Anyway, I devised this game to make Maths a bit more fun and interactive for a 5 year old. Hey, and a 3 year old happily joined in too.

So, here's "adding two numbers" with a pair of dice and a pair of frogs. Ready... steady... go!

The girls placed their frogs on the start line. Luckily, we have a chequered table cloth and two suitably-sized frogs but I did consider using larger toys on floor-boards, or even using the girls themselves and asking them to take small steps. Anyhow...

The girls threw the dice to see who would start: highest number goes first.

Then, they took it in turns to throw the dice and add up the two numbers. Francesca did the actual addition, Elizabeth counted dots. Then, you hop your frog that many squares along. Simple :)

"It's getting tense!" (From Elizabeth!)

I had made a finishing line out of string, taped to the table, and guess who won?!

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  1. I love this idea. And the fact that it was full of suspense!

    The best buy must be that tablecloth.