Monday, 1 July 2013

Puppets, trumpeting, bees and gingerbread

These are some images from our day. Not today, actually, last week but I'm only just getting round to posting them up.

Elizabeth giving an impromptu puppet show:

Complete with puppetty singing and dancing:

Sebastian loves his marble run, not only for the excellently fun constructions but also for the amusing trumpet function. He laughed so hard when I did a little pretend tootle with the trumpet and he pulled the end off, causing my tune to cease abruptly. It was really funny, apparently.

Elizabeth asked me to draw her a bee to colour in. It was to replace one she'd enjoyed colouring at playgroup, where someone had accidently cut it up when she'd half finished. Oops.

Our first attempt at a gingerbread house, with moulds a friend has leant to us. Alas, the mixture hasn't been pressed into the moulds enough, so the shapes aren't clear. We've decided to eat Mark 1 and make a second attempt. Such hardship(!)

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  1. What a feeble excuse to eat the gingerbread. It looks very good to us!