Thursday, 25 July 2013

Better Maths

Sebastian still loves his playdough:

Had a lovely time today all sat round the table doing tangrams. Abuelita joined in and Sebastian did his maths app on my phone.

And what of the problem I was alluding to in a previous post?

I set the girls a Maths challenge, which was to draw this shape without taking their pencil off the paper and without going over any line twice.

Both have worked diligently over the last few days, making several attempts to solve the problem. Today, I added an incentive. The first person to solve the mystery gets a Kinder egg.

Elizabeth struggled to draw the triangles making up the shape so I drew out lots of copies of the shape in yellow felt-pen for her to trace over.

She had spent ages on the task.

When she was struggling, I suggested she try making it in playdough.

I'm not sure why the hat...

The playdough didn't help but she made some lovely 'biscuits'.

Then Grandpa took the children out for a walk.

Later that day...

Ta da! Elizabeth solved the problem and won the egg. She is SO pleased with herself and had no hints at all. I am being sure to praise her tenacity and effort.

Francesca, meanwhile, hasn't spent so long on the task and will get the runner up chocolate prize when she solves it - so don't tell her, ok?!