Saturday, 20 July 2013

Last Day Of Term

Yesterday Elizabeth finished playgroup. It was the last session and I am sad and glad about that at the same time.

She has loved playgroup and will miss it. On the other hand, I am really looking forward to the increased productivity that I hope will result from not having our day tied to the playgroup schedule.

Even though I've had loads of help from kind friends, taking and bringing Elizabeth to and from playgroup, the fact that she comes and goes not only divides our day into two small halves, it also disrupts Francesca while the two of them 'greet' each other (by which I generally mean fight to re-establish dominance)

Now that Elizabeth will be officially not starting school in September, I'm planning to take this opportunity to add more structure to the girls' day and encourage more formal learning: a set number of maths sessions per week, perhaps; more joint English work; shared French lessons and so on.

More on those vague thoughts later, I expect. But for now, I leave you with....


Our parting gifts for the playgroup staff. Elizabeth wanted to make them some little chocolate cakes. So we did!

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  1. Another new beginning - and the cakes look great!