Monday, 1 July 2013

Clay Ladybirds, Some Maths and a Play

Ok so THIS was today (having posted up many updates from the last week or so, all at once! The cinema was Saturday, Fallodon was Sunday) Now we're up to date.

We did quite a bit of playing out, despite the weather being patchy rainy and not so hot.

When it did actually rain, we aborted our picnic in the park plan and had a picnic in the sitting room instead. I randomly decided to speak French during this, so we revised a few things and learnt some words and phrases to do with food and eating.

We played this video of the elephant song in French and had fun learning a bit about the vocabulary therein and learning to sing the song together. It's a really fun song and we all enjoyed it.

Later, we started to paint the clay ladybirds that Elizabeth and Sebastian had made last week from air-drying clay and pipe-cleaners. 'Ladybirds' is an increasingly loose term, given that our pipe-cleaner legs are purple (Elizabeth's) and white (Sebastian's) and the body-paint is yellow (Elizabeth's) and purple (Sebastian's). Let's hope I can find some black acrylic to do faces and spots, otherwise these are going to be unreconisable as ladybirds. They'll have to become 'beetles'.

Francesca painted Sebastian's for him. It was probably neater that way.

He didn't mind a bit. He had great fun with the acrylic paint anyway, on some paper.

And we did some Maths, with Lego. Francesca really "gets it" if she can work with something concrete and visual. Otherwise, sometimes, (like today!) she is just lost/unable to focus.

Elizabeth practised writing some numbers, then she read some of her old/easy reading books to me, which is great for her confidence.

Finally, after tea, the weather held long enough for us to make it all the way to the park.

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  1. Some beetles have beautiful and varied colours!
    ......Great elephant song isn't it!