Friday, 14 June 2013

We are still here(!)

You may be forgiven for thinking that we'd packed up and left home, or that we have gone back to real school, or that blogging is dead.

None of that is true.

I'm not sure why I haven't posted anything in ages. A few excuses spring to mind and they include:
  • I've been working hard on my bread website and that really is all I have time for in the evenings
  • We've had a lot of holidays - family over from the States, trips away to Yorkshire and Holy Island, a Christening, a wedding... It's all shaken up our routine and cut the amount of academic stuff (in the nicest possible way!)
  • The sun has been shining. We've been out a lot. Day trips to National Trust places, walks in the countryside, playing out in the street. It's been months!!! Months of winter during which we felt like hibernating and hardly socialised. Now, we're OUT! I've been saying to myself, "Maths in the winter and playing out in the summer." Might be a good idea.
  • I got bored of blogging the same old stuff: picture of the children at the table, reports of Maths, English and violin. These things continue but I didn't feel like telling you about them, again, every day.

So now, I feel like sharing some pictures again but I'm not going to require myself to report every last detail of our days. Please assume that the English, Maths and violin continue apace, along with assorted other activities (lately we've done a lot of History, for example). I'm still going to devote the bulk of my time to my bread website but I'll pop back here and post whatever pictures I have, with brief explanations if I have time.

Thus, skimming breezily past several months of fantastic education, (undocumented, alas, so you'll have to take my word for it) I give you today:

A smiley boy trying to get in shot with his jigsaws that he was proudly doing.

Unfortunately, despite all that leaning and that expression, the jigsaws had to be pictured seperately but aren't they great?!

A girl writing a story about a brainy bear, all illustrated and complete with the dodgiest spellings I've seen in a while.

Another girl threading beads to make a shiny happy necklace.


I'm off, but I'll try not to be gone so long this time :)

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