Thursday, 27 June 2013

Observational Drawing

Lovely to get together with lots of other HE families today for an Art session led by a lady from the Hatton Art Gallery.

We all went over to the Great North Museum to do some observational drawings of the animals in display cases.

Elizabeth carefully drew a hare.

Sebastian was far too tired and could have done with a nap but didn't have a pushchair so, instead, ran around like a Crazy.

Francesca sat next to a rabbit and drew a rabbit, although, evidently, a different one.

Lovely concentration.

After the hare was completed, Elizabeth drew Little Dog.

Francesca went on to draw a hasty hedgehog and then an excellent shrew, for which she did really make a proper effort to observe the one on display.

Sorry the photo has skewed round on its way from my phone to Blogger. It really is a very fine shrew.

The rabbit that Francesca drew:

Elizabeth's carefully observed hare. IMO the felt pen when we got home has ruined the subtle details and obliterated the shading but hey ho. You can still see his spectacular ears and his gangly legs.

And here's Little Dog's portrait. Again, alas, the felt pens got to it before I realised, but you can see his rounded ears and round eyes and shiny nose (I think she forgot that she'd cunningly left a white spot in the middle of the nose, to show the light. It has now become a black spot.) You can still make out the four legs, two of which are smaller, because they are behind. And the tail.

I couldn't let the subject of Elizabeth's art pass by without including a picture that came home from playgroup yesterday. Elizabeth's drawing of a duck. I love the webbed feet, the green tail, the blue wing and the smile. A duck always needs a smile.


  1. Don't we all! (need a smile!)

  2. Great pictures! Is Little Dog any relation of Little Ted?