Thursday, 18 April 2013

Art At The Hatton

Today's Hatton art session was about making a poster for your favourite film.

We had been asked to bring along images from our favourite films but my children have never really watched any films, just a lot of CBeebies. So, instead of film images, we bought a couple of CBeebies magazines to take along.

Sebastian did some cutting and sticking, nothing to do with the brief but hey!

Elizabeth did some lettering with a stencil for "Everything's Rosie" and I helped her to colour in the letters as per the programme logo.

Francesca did an Octonauts poster.

Afterwards we went to Caffe Nero for a quick top-up since lunch had been a hasty sandwich on the Metro between the airport (to meet their long-awaited cousins off the plane) and town (for the art class).

1 comment:

  1. I thought Elizabeth's poster was great :) Mine completely ignored the brief and did their own thing (rebels that they are, haha, thank goodness the teacher there doesn't tell the children that their art is 'wrong').