Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Full of Busy

Well I've been a tad worried, lately, about Francesca. She was getting a bit out of hand. I mean, you'd hope I could control a 5 year old. But then again, would you hope that?! I'm trying to raise people who can think for themselves and act independently. Oh it's a minefield.

Anyway, that extremely headstrong and willful daughter of mine can really try the patience of anyone trying to - say - encourage the regular practising of the violin, for example.

Suddenly, she was super-engrossed in such laudable pursuits as reading in her room, racing through her Maths book and producing great feats of colouring in.

Anything, in fact, to avoid violin practise.

To the point where I just had to step back. I could not mention the b***** thing one more time. I did not want to hear any more defiant refusals. I was tired of having my daughter holed up in her room 'reading' in order to avoid me and my violin request.

And then suddenly, proving, as ever, that motivation for different tasks comes in waves and it all evens out in the end, today, we've had model-student Francesca and her ultra-productive regime.

It started with History, straight after breakfast. Indeed, before I had finished eating my breakfast, Francesca was working on her 'Big Numbers' work (all to do with beginning to appreciate large timescales) and then calculating how old I was in the various photos we have of my childhood.

Later, we had An Actual Self-Directed Fully-Comprehensive Violin Practice!!! Yes, really!!!

Then some lovely art with Abuelita.

During which Sebastian and Elizabeth made clay ladybirds with pipe-cleaner legs.

Then Francesca got onto her Timez Attack game on the computer, which she is loving, by the way, for learning her tables.

Here's the art:

And here are the ladybirds so far:

And here's a testimony to the age-old appeal of the large cardboard box.

Now, who could be hiding in here?!

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