Wednesday, 27 February 2013


We've had a fun day today. Learning through play, hopefully.

Elizabeth was out for most of the day - thanks to playgroup and a very kind friend.

Francesca and I did the usual violin practise with fairly minimal hassle.

After that, Francesca listened a lot to her story tapes.

She and Sebastian played with the rice for over an hour, really nicely together, which gave me chance to tidy my entire room, and vacuum. I wish I'd taken pictures, or even a video, because there was such a commentary going on, it was lovely to hear. Francesca had Sebastian really organised and he was joining in enthusiastically, baking pancakes, so I'm told.

Later, we had a friend round to play, and Francesca disappeared off to listen to more stories. Sebastian played with said friend and they seemed to have a lovely time together. It's so nice to see him collaborating.

After that, I made a huge batch of playdough in seven different colours, ready for when Francesca's friend came to play after school. I really enjoyed having them all busy at the table whilst I cooked dinner. They were all very industrious and getting along nicely together.

Of course, the most difficult thing about making playdough is... letting go of it. Sebastian wasn't particularly keen on having seven separate colours. He did lots of precision cutting and rolling, though, and asked to be passed various tools. I'm surprised that he lasted the full hour (plus!) with the girls. Good concentration!

Elizabeth spent ages using the circle cutter to make these neat blueberry, erm, cakes, I think they were.

Francesca made good use of the different colours, to make 'realistic' animals in the shaped cutters.


  1. Brilliant! Well done you.

  2. You've got some good strong colours there Rachel.

  3. Everyone managed to get something different out of it, so that's great!