Thursday, 7 February 2013

Electric Circuits with Added Chaos

Violin. Can we agree not to mention that word again please? *sigh* She did do some practice but only after a fight. I went off to do more phonics with Elizabeth and Sebastian, which seemed like much better use of my time.

The phonics work is going really well. We're speeding through the big books, singing all the songs and learning the actions (this is Jolly Phonics, if you're lost) and already Elizabeth's reading is markedly improving. I'm very impressed.

Francesca's story is coming along nicely too, slowly, slowly... But when did anyone ever write a decent story in one day?!

For maths, I tested her on her number bonds to ten. She knew them all in under 30 seconds, which I think means she has finally Got It! She also did sudoku on an app on my phone, which was good for logic and reasoning.

Science - Elizabeth declined to join in with electronics work so it was just Francesca and I. She recorded what we had done previously, on a couple of sheets that my support team (thanks TES!) had made. Then we made the next circuit in the booklet.

The electronics set is marketed as having "72 Experiments" but, I must say, they're not at all experimental. There are 72 circuits to build but it seems to be "follow the circuit diagram and get the described result". Nothing experimental about that. I loved how we used the kit the other day, to see which materials conduct electricity but today's circuit wasn't very inspiring. We made a parallel circuit with an LED and the motor - fine, but what did that really teach us about electricity, I wonder? The complicated circuit diagram was lost on Francesca and the resulting network of wires was confusing, especially as the connections are hidden under the neat layout of the kit. I like the kit, don't get me wrong. It's going to be useful for all sorts of things but I need to adapt the tasks much more for this age group/level of understanding. Working through the circuits isn't very fulfilling - I want to do more investigations. Research is required.

Whilst Francesca and I were busy with electrical matters, Elizabeth and Sebastian were entertaining themselves. With ALL the toys from the cupboard. Jigsaws, dominoes, flounders, tools... Argh! Happy though.

There's nothing like an app to keep someone quiet in a corner...

And don't forget to photograph me too!

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