Tuesday, 26 February 2013

More Little Seeds, Ruled Lines and A Story (Among other things)

I'm not feeling particularly inclined to blog about today. It's been a good one, actually, just full of the same things I always seem to write about. So, a brief list of 'work' done:

Violin - a good practice!!
Some Maths on the app.
English - Francesca wrote more of her story, based on "You Are Special" - although it's deviated off on a seemingly Cinderella-related tangent, which is fine. Elizabeth did her word wall and read some of her reading books.
We played dominoes together, including Sebastian, who was very good at it.
Francesca made a front cover for her Electricity project.
We checked our little seeds and filled in the seed diary, then we found out about stomata and photosynthesis. The girls enjoyed the photosynthesis song.

I wanted to show you the work that Elizabeth was so pleased with yesterday, giving her seedling picture some water, sunlight and soil:

Today, I was amazed to see Sebastian get himself a pencil and ruler and start ruling lines. Because, clearly, that's what you do! He's seen Francesca use her ruler a lot - so that must be what this work lark is all about...

Ah yes, he has bust his lip too - fell flat on his face in the slippery wet muddy leaves yesterday. So much blood! But no teeth lost. Poor thing. Seems to be ok today though.

Here's Francesca's front cover. It's so neat! I'm surprised, frankly, with her self-directed neatness. I think she's made an excellent job of it and it was nothing to do with me, except that I did help with the spelling of 'electricity'.

Elizabeth is so keen to do the same worksheets as Francesca only her letter formation isn't up to much yet, so she has me 'do the dots' which she then traces over. She's done some neat writing today, even though the letters have to be very small in those spaces.

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  1. A beautifully neat front cover Francesca!

    Love the picture Elizabeth did for her little plant!