Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rapunzel does school

It was playgroup again today so we all delivered Elizabeth and, this time, left straight away. Elizabeth was perfectly happy without us and had a great time by all accounts.

We headed to Caffe Nero (yes, spell-checker, it does have two fs) for PHSE. We continued to read the feelings book and did one of the tasks.

"Draw some of the things that make you cross."

That's me, at the top, refusing to give her an icecream. We've had a few tantrums about that over the last few days (and some icecreams, as it happens, but they don't count, apparently). I love the cross expression she's managed to give herself, with the folded arms as well.

The second picture is of Elizabeth punching her. Say no more.

Then the book said, "Are these things really worth getting cross about."

"Yes!" said Francesca, "Because I really love icecream."

Oh well.

Sebastian did his own series of pictures:

Now, who else gets to go to 'school' dressed as Rapunzel?!

Or scoot about in the sun between lessons?

This afternoon Rapunzel did violin practice, before we went to play at a friend's house for an hour or so.

And did I mention that Elizabeth did more of her sticker book?



  1. Aren't the drawing skills coming along fantastically!

  2. I love the drawings and the speech bubbles! Francesca seems capable of expressing herself v well with these drawings!