Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mostly Maths

Had a very prompt start this morning and a violin practice, followed by maths.

Francesca had struggled with a page in her maths workbook, adding and taking away 10. It should have been very easy but she just didn't 'get it' and was using her number line to count on. I had vowed to give her some extra training in this matter, which is what we did this morning. More on that in a separate post, I think.

Anyway, Francesca and I did the maths, followed by some English (a thank you card and some of her workbook).

Elizabeth did some maths on the computer with her counting ladybirds game.

Sebastian did some drawing.

It was all very studious.

Here's some of the maths we did together:

In the afternoon we went out to Enjoy-a-ball which was great. Not only was it a sociable mix of home-ed children, it was fun, exercise and skills.

Elizabeth especially enjoyed herself - even though the class was meant for over 5s, she joined in like a good-un and tried her absolute best,  concentrating and taking part even though she lacked the skills to be effective.

Francesca hooked up with another 5 yo girl who we will see again tomorrow. It'll be nice if she has some particular friends at these classes.

Later, at home, we baked chocolate cakes; "I LOVE sieving the cocoa!" (FP) and then played outside with the neighbours.

Let's go fly a kite...

I feel so happy! It's all relaxed and harmonious. No school run, no uniform, no rules, no homework, no tired fighting. I know it's only day 2 but it feels good :)

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  1. Great work babies! Did you get to teaching the add ten trick?