Friday, 28 September 2012

Brilliant Beans

Francesca spent all morning procrastinating about doing her violin practice. It's all to do with confidence, I think, and her perception that the task is going to be difficult. My job, somehow, is to convince her she CAN do it, but that is proving challenging at the moment.

Anyway, Sebastian had to be occupied at that time so, having found pasta to be so popular, I gave him some dried beans to play with. He didn't even attempt to eat any of them, although I was offered a few with pretendy "yum yum" sound-effects. He busied himself for ages with the beans.

Francesca's actual violin lesson went well - her teacher was delighted and feels we've 'cracked it'. Hmm, she wasn't there this morning...

Anyway, the morning school work had not been done, due to the violin debacle, so Francesca was tasked with completing her maths and English before she would be allowed to watch TV or play with her friend.

She worked swiftly to do another 2 pages of money maths, in the Heinemann book. Then she wrote a letter about her 'best bit' from our trip to Edinburgh yesterday.

Then, as luck would have it, the membership packs from Tumbletots arrived, so we unpacked new t-shirts and dvds, which the children wanted to put on at once. Instant PE! They all had a great time dancing to the dvd, then the cd, with even Sebastian joining in nicely.

Hardly any CBeebies was watched at all, even though it was Friday, TV day.

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