Wednesday, 14 November 2012

How To Fill A Week

Either I'm getting gung-ho about this whole schooling business, or I'm relaxing nicely into it, depending on your viewpoint.

This week, I didn't quite have the momentum for sit-down Maths and English so we've mostly been - er - playing.

On Monday we got up early and decided to head up the A1 to a garden centre with the most brilliant adventure playground.

Much fun was had by all, despite the dull, damp weather. It was mild, at least.

Tuesday, I had a lovely morning with Francesca and Sebastian, while Elizabeth was at play group. We looked through some of my old stuff - scrap books and stories that I had made when I was little older than Francesca.

When we collected Elizabeth, at lunchtime, we decided to buy some sandwiches at the supermarket and go to a soft play place for the afternoon.

Three hours later and I had three sweaty, glowing children, skipping home through the autumn leaves.

Today we went to Seven Stories all day, where we played at being Vikings, read lots of stories, did some craft activities and played with their model railway.

Sebastian loved his Viking costume.

Here's Elizabeth training her dragon (as per the book of almost that title):

Here's Elizabeth dressed as a fox:

So, not much academia this week. Violin practice continues unabated and even that has seemed quite fun, when I got to play a few duets and rounds with Francesca.

The rest of the week doesn't hold much hope of straight-up Maths and English either, but, as I said, I'm relaxed about it. She's only 5, for goodness sake :)


  1. I think it sounds like you are relaxing nicely into it :-) I find it is possible to cover quite a lot of ground when everyone is in the mood so it doesn't make sense to force it when it doesn't feel right. And it's quite right that so much learning takes place in everyday life doing fun and engaging activities.